Suggested Reading

General :

Chronograph Wristwatches: To Stop Time
by G.R.Lang & R.Meis, Schiffer Publishing Pa. ISBN 0-88740-502-9

by Pfeiffer-Belli & Brunner, Schiffer Publishing Pa. ISBN 0-88740-557-6

Watches 1850-1980,
by M.Cutmore, David & Charles London ISBN 0-7153-9029-5

Complete Price Guide to Watches
by Shugart & Gilbert, Collectors Books, Kentucky. Yearly Publication

Automatic Wristwatches from Switzerland
by Kahlert, Muhe & Brunner, Schiffer Publishing Pa. ISBN 0-88740-070-1

Specific :

by Marozzi & Tosetti, Edizioni Giada , Bologna 1990

Patek Philppe by Konemann, Koln 1999, ISBN 3-8290-1449-x

The Art of Breguet
by G.Daniels, London 1975

Omega Wristwatches, Design Feasts for the Eyes
by Kreutzer A.,

The Movado History
by F.Van Osterhausen

The Best of Times, Rolex Wristwatches
by J.M.Dowling & J.P.Hess, Schiffer P.A. 1996, ISBN 0-7643-0011-3

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