Based in Saint Imier since 1832. The Compagnie des Montres Longines Francillion SA has the oldest registered logo for a watch company. In 1832 Augusto Agassiz began working with Comptoir Horologer Raiquel Jeune, he took over the business in 1833 with two associates. In 1847 the company was renamed Agassiz & Compagnie when Agassiz took sole ownership. In 1852 his nephew Ernest Francillion joined the company and took over the business, concentrating on improving the production standards of the watches. In 1866 he purchased land known locally as Les Longines, where he built a factory enabling the entire production under one roof. Mechanisation with the help of Jacques David proved very successful. Francillion introduced the winding crown, all previous watches were key wound, for which he won a bronze medal in Paris. Longines became the leading prize winner up to 1929, with 10 Grand Prix; Antwerp 1885, Paris 1889, Brussels 1897, Paris 1900, Milan 1906, Bern 1914, Genoa 1914, Paris 1925, Philadelphia 1926 and Barcelona 1929.

Longines has timed the Olympic games 14 times, helping to develop timers and displays for winning times, and timed the Tour de France 31 times.

The company motto ‘Elegance is Attitude’ has proved successful. Longines continues to be a world recognised brand.